Saturday, August 22, 2009

Information, computation and complex systems workshop

A quick post to advertise the Information, Computation and Complex Systems satellite meeting, which is part of ECCS 09.

From the workshop page:
This workshop will bring together mathematicians and scientists to discuss methods and applications of information theory to complex systems. This includes the perspective of complex systems as computers.
The question of good measures of complexity alone is vital for complex systems research. Many proposals have been made, quite a few based on information theory. The workshop addresses the following topics:
  1. Mathematics of information theoretic tools for complex systems
  2. Information theory applied to complex systems
  3. Complex systems as information processors

The workshop will provide a forum for discussing the various existing information-theoretic and computation-theoretic tools, and their use in complex systems.
The focus will be on the mathematics of information and computation theory applied to complex systems. We encourage both theorists and experimentalists to attend, with either an information theoretic approach or a need for an information theoretic approach.

I think this will be a really interesting workshop, as it directly relates to the focus of my PhD. The invited presentations should be quite good. I'm hoping to get the opportunity to present my own approach of the local information dynamics of distributed computation in complex systems, and hope to meet some people there with the need for this kind of approach.

Submissions are apparently open until Mon 24/8/09, hope to see you there.

Update 1/9/09 - my submission "Coherent local information dynamics in complex computation" was accepted, so I'm now looking forward to presenting at ICCS. The schedule has been posted.